I do not promise a positive pregnancy test. My goal is to improve your overall healthy so you have a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby!

Unfortunately, the health of the general population is declining with cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, allergies and gut issues becoming much more common.

With effective treatment of the whole person, these issues can be reduced or eliminated. The Schaefer Protocol utilizes techniques which remove obstacles to optimal body functioning and can lead to amazingly positive outcomes for pregnancy and overall heath.

Treatment is based on the science of epigenetics which studies how the body reacts and adapts to changes in its environment. Instead of chasing a symptom, such as “infertility”, the focus is on making you and your significant other healthier!Choosing to become a parent is a magical time and we want to be part of that.Changes to your health directly impacts the health of your future baby!

Fertility Myths

  • Your first pregnancy will dictate any future pregnancies. 
    Sometimes the scariest part of becoming pregnant a second time is the fear about reliving your first pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different and what you do before becoming pregnant largely effects your outcomes
  • “My husband has sperm issues”, “I’ve had multiple miscarriages”, or even “I’ve been told there is nothing that can be done naturally”.
    Frustration and negative emotions are common, but improvements in diet, mindset, and lifestyle, can overcome negative thoughts to achieve positive results.
  • Lifestyle changes will never be enough for conception to happen without medication. 
    Often the idea that a lifestyle change can positively impact your health by itself may seem too easy. If this were the case then everyone would do it! Medications are generally used to suppress symptoms caused by the body’s natural reaction to stress from an illness or injury. Making a lifestyle change can lower the body’s stress response to common environmental factors. With reduced stress, the body no longer overreacts and is able to heal itself without the intervention of medication. This realization can be the most transformational and amazing part of following a treatment protocol!
  • “No one has found a reason for my infertility, so IVF is my only remaining option.
    Undiagnosed complications blocking the ability to conceive should not result in a pregnancy ultimatum. The Protocol treats the whole person, not a specific complication. As the whole body heals, areas of complication are often revealed resulting in a diagnosis which may clarify other conception options available.
  • Medical intervention has the best chance at success when it comes to fertility. Conception is never a guarantee, not even with the most sophisticated medical interventions. You have a choice to be significantly better prepared for pregnancy with the knowledge and understanding that self-healing is possible and openly available to you.

Is this right for you? Are you...

  • Open minded, and ready to consider new options?
  • Ready to live the motto, “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”
  • Ready to get pregnant
  • Wanting to enjoy your relationship again
  • Willing to make space in your life to care for a baby
  • Open to understanding why and how things happen in the body

This is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not willing or committed to making lifestyle changes
  • You’re unwilling to change your belief systems of what is possible for you
  • You don’t like learning
  • You don’t think your health prior to conception will help your pregnancy or the health of your baby.