Allergy Elimination Technique

Naturally Helping Allergies

Naturally Helping Allergies

Allergy Relief

  • Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique (NAET) is a technique which stops your body from having abnormal response to “allergic” substances, leading to relief of allergy symptoms.


  • Chiropractic adjustment and NAET treatments go together for allergy relief.  The reason for this is the chiropractic adjustment helps the brain accept this new information faster leading to better results.


  • I see get results with hives caused by allergies, asthmas, seasonal/ environmental allergies, animal allergies and food allergies/ sensitivities to name a few.

Why allergies happen

  • It is like a computer error to your hard drive.
  • NAET can correct a malfunction (a misread) by the body the way a computer’s malfunction can be addressed by editing the software that runs it.

How to diagnose

  • Muscle testing (applied kinesiology)


  • Accomplished easily and safely without adverse side-effects, medications, prolonged food avoidance, or isolation.
  • Combination of spinal and brain stimulation and acupressure points.
  • After each treatment, the patient must be careful to avoid the offending substance for precisely 25 hours for the treatment to be effective.
  • Many allergens are resolved quickly with noticeable symptom relief.
  • Can be done on all ages including newborns, children and adults.